The traits of Stolen Girlfriends Club: A youthful rebellious spirit, a romantic heart, and the ability to empower and excite.

In 2005, a long-standing friendship between two New Zealand creatives with surfing backgrounds became something that everyone could share, when Marc Moore & Dan Gosling launched a label for men and women called Stolen Girlfriends Club.

With untrained hands and sharp minds, their take on pop-culture laced with a rock n roll philosophy was believable and instantly loved. The duo have become rogue masters of fiercely individual street-fashion - forever unpredictable yet consistently, unmistakably Stolen Girlfriends Club. Street staples run rife through every collection but the brand has developed a clear understanding of identity and trend that stands strong in the contemporary fashion market.

Many years on, this is a brand unafraid of change that produces contemporary, wearable shapes against the backdrop of evolving themes.  Fashion with a pulse.

The burgeoning delinquency has never faded, yet the brand has matured as it’s evolved and the future holds no limits.

Young blood and old bones, the makings of a modern revolution. This is new thinking.

This is Stolen Girlfriends Club.
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